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Hi and thank you for visiting my portfolio website, I hope you enjoy your stay.



My passion in life is to create visually pleasing, fluid UI art for console and PC.

During my time as a UI Artist I have gained vast experience in many aspects of art and design from early stage concepts to producing the final implemented artwork. I am highly experienced in the Adobe suite and have demonstrated my creative passion and flare across a range of projects and styles.

Leading the GRID UI team I was involved with all aspects of the UI created, including style guide creation, concepts, animation, implementation, managing the teams weekly and daily tasks through Jira, UI reviews, giving guidance to the team to meet the needs of the directors and making sure we delivered a UI we could be proud of.




Exceptional communicator

Design layout and typography

Mentoring team members

Up to date knowledge of current industry standards

Knowledge of a games process and pipeline

Understanding the needs of design and improving upon them

Eye for detail

Implementing design changes effectively





Adobe suite
Unreal Engine 4/5

Unity uGUI

3DS Max (implementation)

In-house UI implementation tool

Multiple management software tools





Establish reference material

Create mood boards

Wireframes (design)  

Concepts (reviews) and style guide

Asset creation and animation


Polish and bug fixing



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