Senior UI Artist Group Lead


Lead the projects UI team from start to finish by firstly creating the style guide (small example below), then went on to collect reference material to help style the UI. Once reference was collected I lead the team through the concept stage which consisted of using the guide sheets and margins created. Then the initial concepts were put through reviews with directors which then would be repeated weekly to get each concept signed off.

We then used those concepts working alongside design to help create what was best for the games flow, added animations when needed to help illustrate what the team wanted from each screen. Once the flow was finalised we then started to implement each screen through an in house tool which was been developed at the same time as the game which came to be mine and my teams biggest obstacle.

Once the last screens were implemented we all went on to bug fixing, polish and I personally had a big part in bugging the game, creating tasks for UI code and design which helped the overall games functionality.

As a whole I pushed myself to motivate and make sure we met the brief of the game and had an input in every aspect of the UI which lead the Grid UI team to create a quality product which we all can be proud of.

GRID announce trailer
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